How to get there

  • By Transfer

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  • By car

    The Doña Elvira Apartments are located just 30 minutes from Gran Canaria Airport. At the Arrivals Terminal you can rent a vehicle if wanted and from there go to Puerto Rico, municipality of Mogán, by the free highway GC-1. Take exit 62 from GC-1 onto GC-500. Take Av. Tomás Roca Bosch, at the end of Calle Gran Canaria, you will find the Apartamentos Doña Elvira.

  • From the airport

    The Tanamaco Apartments are located just 30 minutes from Gran Canaria Airport. You can travel to our establishment by private car, Taxi or Bus. For more details, consult the indications of the chosen means of transport.

  • By taxi

    One of the most comfortable means of transport from the Gran Canaria Airport is undoubtedly the taxi. The average journey time to the Doña Elvira Apartments is 30 minutes. Taxis can be found at the official stops at Gran Canaria Airport, on the ground floor, at Arrivals terminal. They have fixed official rates for some routes, including Puerto Rico. Thus, the journey from the airport to the Doña Elvira Apartments is set between 55 and 70 euros, depending on the time and day you use the service (being more expensive if you use it from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. as well as Sundays and holidays).

  • By bus

    The bus service has Line 91 as the most direct, although it makes some stops before arriving in Puerto Rico. From your stop to our apartments it will take 10 minutes on foot. The price of the ticket is € 5.45.


  • Airport

    47 KM

  • Beach

    1.5 KM

  • Capital

    72 KM

  • shopping

    350 meters